Two step solution for your problems


My day job is all about listening. I listen about difficulties in life, finance, mental illnesses, family, parenthood, relationships, faith, crisis and many other topics which troubles people. I have found the best way to help people. I’ll reveal it to you. It’s no magic but it’s certainly difficult to master. It’s a two step solution for many problems. This is one thing everyone should learn at least a little. I talk to people who has no other place to go to talk. Maybe they have difficulties to get to know people, or have so hard times that they don’t have the strenght to see other people. Or maybe they have issues in mental health like fears or anxiety. I try to help everyone who need help. But what’s the best help I can give. I’m not trying to be any better than these people I see. I’m not trying to say that I’m something excellent and above others. I just want to give you an advice to help others. 

Troubles in life come to all of us. Troubles in life don’t ask and don’t make an appointment. Troubles come and make life difficult or nearly impossible to bear. When troubles start to stack, then a person can be emotionally and psycically drained. Then he/she is in a state where things are difficult and there is no strength to do something about them. What to do then?

We live in a world where almost everybody can contact someway to millions of people in the world. Well it’s technically possible. People still have to learn to do it and aqcuire the equipment to do it. And there is many people who can’t see, hear or are in a state where reaching out can’t be done. And there is this one thing: “am I enough, why would people care about me”. If relatives don’t care why would total strangers care. Loneliness is my peoples common sickness. People are so alone and the loneliness can’t be undone by reading posts in social media. 

The people I see are commonly lonely. Not always alone. You can be lonely in a crowd. They are alone with their difficulties. No one listen, really listen. People can say that they have difficulties in releationships or parenting or finance to their friends. But rarely you can really say everything. And this is say from my own experience and in the context I live in. You may have totally different point of view. 

Many worries in life can be solved with a simple thing. And this is the key. This is the thing I’m been holding you here. The following has to happen in a trustworthy environment, preferably in a quiet and closed room with no interuptions. 
1. The one who has problems: talk and trust the listener!

2. The one who helps: listen and never ever judge!
After doing this you may have the same problems but they are in the right proportions and you find new ways to tackle them. The trust is very important and not judging is equally very important. There is many things that require more guidance and you should seek help for those if needed. If this is helpful to you please share the knowledge. Of cource you may ask for more information here. 

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