Be the Art You Are! International Womens Day

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First I want to say my humble congratulations for all the women in the world. Your efforts, personalities, smiles, beauty, actions and all what you really are amazes me everytime. I am truly happy to live in a country where men and women are nearly equal in every way. There is much work to do in here and many other countries in the world. 

I have lived my life believing that men and women are both just as important. It’s difficult to understand that we are not considered as such in many places and in many minds. 

Equality doesn’t mean being the same. People aren’t all the same and we really shouldn’t. It doesn’t have to do anything about gender either. We should be happy for diversity of people here. It’s great that everyone is unique!

We should try to make the world more equal. We should try to help other in need. Women in many countries need help. Education is the best help we could give. There are many possibilities to help and we really should. 

I hope that your day will be excellent! I hope you are surrounded with good things and good people! I hope you are treated the way you deserve! 

You are unique, you are art! 

Be the art you are!

About looks


Yeah, I like womanly looks. I like looking at beautiful women and draw and paint them. That’s one thing I like about women. Appearance. But just one thing. Only one thing… of many other things. I really don’t like that so much about personality boils down to appearance. There is so much more than that. You surely know that. We live in a age where people can easily be judged by the looks. It’s quite easy. Making a judgement about a person from the looks.

We are taught that people judge you in matter of seconds. It’s common knowledge. This is wrong. No one should be judged in seconds, or minutes, or hours. Well… don’t judge at all. Just listen. Listen what she/he has to say. That’s a different subject and I’ll come to that later. Maybe… if I remember. So please ask if I don’t 🙂 We have this saying in Finland: same head in summer, same head in winter.

So looks. How you look can be important to you. And to other people who are looking at you of course. I just would like to live in a world, where your actions and personality could be liked in social media too. Personality is something you should be proud of.

Seeing a pretty woman please my eyes but seeing womans personality and thoughts please my heart.

I’m an artist, so I look at people… maybe longer than I should. When I meet people, more than I look, I listen… I listen their stories, their difficulties, their dreams, their fears.

You should try it. Just listen.

The story of you is enough

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There is so many feeling low these days. Feeling bad about themselves, feeling depressed, feeling that they aren’t good enough.

I’m been thinking why is that. Why are people having low self-esteem or feeling that they aren’t good enough, pretty enough, rich enough, strong enough, fit enough, etc. enough. Who are telling what is enough? Am I one reason someone is feeling bad of themselves? Does my behavior change the view people see themselves? Could I do something that would say people that they really are more than enough, pretty much perfect.

How do we judge ourselves and others really alters the way we see the world. Do we see numbers in peoples looks or the clothes they are wearing? Do we say that he is a better singer than she?

Can we look at a person and see no flaws?

I really want to.

There is so much good in people. There is so much more good than we can see in a lifetime. It’s easy to concentrate on flaws and bad things. It’s easy to see what’s wrong.

Why is that? Why it’s easy to see flaws in ourselves and in others? It can be something we want to develop in ourselves. And then it’s good to see our areas that need to be developed. There is nothing bad to get better at things, but could we think those areas as points of under development or points I won’t develop because I don’t want to.

When watching other people, like really physically watching or viewing other parts of the human being, we could watch them without judgement. What’s that? Not rating looks? Not swiping anywhere? Yeah really not doing any judging. What about trying to see who the person is and what she/he is saying. What’s her/his story is? Then people wouldn’t feel down, feel depressed, feel that they aren’t good enough. Because they are enough.

The story of you is more than enough.

Hay day

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We had this thing at the farm. It was a hot day and she was wearing red bikini top. She was jumping around and singing so beautifully. I could just watch and hear her all day. Her joy makes me smile every time. Even on a bad day. She was posing with everything and we came up with this pose for the next pinup. She was glad. It’s summer and it does show in her.
autumn working_color2.jpg

Autumn Aurora’s Fresh Aromatic Apple Juice


The day I met Autumn came to my mind when we were making this painting. She smiled so beautifully. She was so cheerful and full of joy. Ever since we have been close friends. Later in that evening she managed to brake a tire of my bicycle. She was so cute when she was apologizing it. 

The shooting went well and we got a nice painting of that. We had an little arguement with Autumn, but I’ll tell you about that later. 

Her favorite beverage is of course apple juice. She has been making apple juice her whole life. She did a batch of Autumn Auroras Fresh Aromatic Apple Juice a while ago. She fell in love with that ans decided to sell it. The first batch was sold out straight away, so she made a bigger batch and wanted to make a poster to tell the people what great juice this is. She is really a girl you can trust. Oh, she is woman now… I’ve known her so long. When we were young.