About looks


Yeah, I like womanly looks. I like looking at beautiful women and draw and paint them. That’s one thing I like about women. Appearance. But just one thing. Only one thing… of many other things. I really don’t like that so much about personality boils down to appearance. There is so much more than that. You surely know that. We live in a age where people can easily be judged by the looks. It’s quite easy. Making a judgement about a person from the looks.

We are taught that people judge you in matter of seconds. It’s common knowledge. This is wrong. No one should be judged in seconds, or minutes, or hours. Well… don’t judge at all. Just listen. Listen what she/he has to say. That’s a different subject and I’ll come to that later. Maybe… if I remember. So please ask if I don’t 🙂 We have this saying in Finland: same head in summer, same head in winter.

So looks. How you look can be important to you. And to other people who are looking at you of course. I just would like to live in a world, where your actions and personality could be liked in social media too. Personality is something you should be proud of.

Seeing a pretty woman please my eyes but seeing womans personality and thoughts please my heart.

I’m an artist, so I look at people… maybe longer than I should. When I meet people, more than I look, I listen… I listen their stories, their difficulties, their dreams, their fears.

You should try it. Just listen.

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