Autumn Aurora’s Fresh Aromatic Apple Juice


The day I met Autumn came to my mind when we were making this painting. She smiled so beautifully. She was so cheerful and full of joy. Ever since we have been close friends. Later in that evening she managed to brake a tire of my bicycle. She was so cute when she was apologizing it. 

The shooting went well and we got a nice painting of that. We had an little arguement with Autumn, but I’ll tell you about that later. 

Her favorite beverage is of course apple juice. She has been making apple juice her whole life. She did a batch of Autumn Auroras Fresh Aromatic Apple Juice a while ago. She fell in love with that ans decided to sell it. The first batch was sold out straight away, so she made a bigger batch and wanted to make a poster to tell the people what great juice this is. She is really a girl you can trust. Oh, she is woman now… I’ve known her so long. When we were young. 

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