How to get a #pinupme painting of you

#pinupme is a digital painting of you (or someone you know) in a pinup -style.
To do a #pinupme I need some pictures of you.
A pinup painting can be made to a simple background or to a detailed one. In the example I painted very simple background.
There is a few steps we take when making a pinup. Fear not I will guide all the way through this awesome process. I want to give you the opportunity to choose everything or you may leave it to me if you wish.
1. First you may decide the overall theme of the #pinupme. A few examples:
  • – Sailor at the docks
  • – 50s waitress with roller skates
  • – Seductive Pinup Outfit
  • – Gamer girl
  • – Farmer with John Deere
  • – Astronaut on moon
  • – Princess at her chamber
  • – Agent with her target
  • – Pole Dancer on stage
  • – Vampire in her castle
  • – Witch with her cat
2. I make a few sketches of the pose. You may choose which one you like the best.
3. I make a few variations of the pose and you may choose your favorite.
4.Β If you want to see how the figure look like in different clothing, I can paint them for you. You may request some changes and additions.
5. I make the final drawing without color.
6. You may request colors for the clothing and other parts of the painting
7. I make a few color sketches on top of the drawing and you may choose your favorite. You may request changes to the color if needed and I will paint the right color for you.
8. After the colors are settled I paint the final image.
9. At this point I give you a low resolution image to view.
10. After payment is done (via Paypal) I send you high resolution image to be printed, published in social media or made into a tattoo.

If you have any questions, please ask me via email: or instagram: @pinupdrawings. -Petja
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